viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011


I´m very block (as you see in the notebooks)
I draw over and over, and I dont know if I have a brain damage or I really dont want to by
another note book because I dont want to enlarge the process.
I have many ideas in the table,
and everytime I choose one, the other is missing.
I feel that the ideas are not compatible with each other.
The main reason is: should I represent or not the death?
A second reason is: should I follow the text estrictly or I jump to the unknown?

I like to represent the death because I go to a subreal world where I can play with the abstraction (humanize the death, show her debility and caracter), I can philosophize about the death (if I represent the death as another old lady, or the siluet or outline of her...), I can represent the death like something familiar (if the death is herself, or her reflection, or her shadow, or even a twin sister or a lover or her husband). I like it because it´s bold to represent the death and I can provide something to the death imaginary.

I like to dont represent the death because is just the absence what it defines it, because I can use pictures that being very daily can have a fine meaning when you read the text, because I explain the death from a psicologic point of view. Also because I can use a death subjective plane where the people watch directly to the death, in first person. I like it also because it holes the tension and the curiosity of finding the death in the illustration.

In the last days I discard the idea of representing the Death as something extraordinary.
If I do it, I would represent it like another granma, the same or with some diferences (siluet or shadow...)
If I dont represent it, Im scared that is not understandable. But like this, It will keep it current, because it will be a general death and not only my representation of the death.

If I dont represent it it´s because you can not see it, or because is not in the scene?
is that important?

In the other side, I ask my self if I need a thread that connects all the illustrations, a proyect, something that I want to tell with all of this. I ask my self if what I want to tell, I´m allready telling it withouth thinking or I didn´t find it yet. Some times the illustrations that I did seem empty and I forgot why I did them.
Do I need to know what I want to say?
This idea is disturbing me a lot.
Do I want to speak about the death of the tradition,
about acepting the death,
about our life mission,
about how subreal is the death...

And I ask my self also:
-what do the children care in all the story?
-to dont illustrate the children would make the book to dark?
-but, does it help to show them?
-how can I use the candys and the sweet staff?

This first storyboard is still atracting me.
Here is not the death. I´m not convence of granma foreground and
I have doubts with the illustrations with children.

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